Five easy steps to a healthier school year for you and your kids

With school starting in just a couple of weeks, many are also preparing for the cold and flu season.

It’s important to remember that the immune system needs time to improve and become strong.

So rather than waiting until your child has the first sneeze, body ache, or cough, start taking steps to improve their immune response now with these five easy steps.

Step 1: Take a Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Studies have shown the importance of vitamin D and bone health, but did you know it plays a vital role in your immune system’s response? Yep, the cells search for vitamin D in order to be activated and fight infection.

Vitamin D has many, many benefits but it is especially important this time of year.

Step 2: Take a Daily Dose of Zinc and Vitamin C

These vitamins have been shown to help with many ailments including, but not limited to, upper respiratory infections, colds, and ear infections.

Step 3: Take a Probiotic

The best forms of probiotics to combat the common cold contain lactobacillus and bifidobacterium species.

Studies have shown that taking lactobacillus alone or in combination with bifidobacterium during the fall and winter reduces the number of absences from school.

Step 4: Use Homeopathic Remedies

There are many forms of homeopathic remedies. For our family, we love essential oils.

Now for those that have read websites that say they aren’t safe for children, rest assured when reputable brands are used properly, these oils are just fine.

My favorites for immune support throughout the school year are RC and Thieves by Young Living. There are other oils that we love to use as well, but RC is used daily in our house during the school year.

Step 5: Get Adjusted!

Did you know that when you get adjusted on a regular basis you are activating the mind/body connection that allows your brain to tell the rest of your body how to function?

You want the information to flow in a circle. Think of a safety pin. A subluxation (misalignment of the spine) is like opening the safety pin. The brain and body can’t communicate correctly.

Now add a virus and bam! You are sick longer, the symptoms are worse, and man you just feel like its never going to end.

Regular wellness adjustments help keep that safety pin closed so the body can activate and support your immune system optimally.

What is normal for you is different than it is for another person. Get with your chiropractor to know what your body will require for wellness care.

Where to Get These Supplements

Now many of you might be wondering where to get the various items listed above.

Yes, you can get many of them from drug stores, Amazon, etc.; however, keep in mind that some over the counter supplements are not as easily absorbed as others. They say that you flush out upwards of 80% of the supplements sold in the big box stores.

We at Benevida Health and Wellness Center have many of these items available for you to start your immune support regimen today.

Vitamin D, zinc and vitamin C are all in one very popular supplement we have in the house. We also carry a powder form of probiotics for kids, a liquid form of vitamin D, and the most important one, THE ADJUSTMENT!

The adjustment is my passion, your health is my passion. Make health your passion as well this year!

Put it on your back-to-school list and let’s start getting you and your children ready for this school year! To your health!