Nutrition for Kids – Michael Meuth, L.AC., ACN

Nutrition for Kids – Michael Meuth, L.AC., ACN

This is a basic guide and starting point to helping you and your family engage in healthy eating, nourish your bodies and minds, and prevent disease. Offered by Michael Meuth acupuncturist & nutritionist.


Why should we invest in good food and in learning how to eat and nourish ourselves? All it takes is one commercial break while watching television to see what the corporations want us to eat. The advertisements overwhelming consist of processed, packaged, and fast foods and virtually no mention of real wholesome foods. This has been the case for a long time now. Due to Big Ag and their lobbying dollars, what we are told to eat is not based on the traditional wisdom of countless generations of humans that came before us but on which industry is able to influence government policy the most. Read more

DIY Technique for Sinus Drain

Sinus pressure due to a cold or allergies can not only be uncomfortable, but can lead to more severe conditions, including headaches, post nasal drip, sinus pain, fever, or infection. There are many home remedies that are effective in relieving sinus pressure. You can use a neti pot, humidifier, warm compresses, or a manual massage. In this video, Dr. Lain demonstrates how to do a manual massage to open sinus passages.