Happy New Year’s Resolution!

new-yearLast week my computer lost connectivity to the server.  I tried everything to reconnect.  Rebooted my computer, rebooted the server, reset the wireless router. At least three times.  I called our computer technician to give me some clues.  Nothing.  After a few hours of futility, as I was about to do the routine once again, the old thought “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results” ran through my mind.  I stepped back and stared at the whole system.  Lo and behold, there was a small box that I hadn’t touched.  It had the words Cisco on it.  Yes, the router.  Bingo.  One simple change and everything changed.

As 2017 approaches, we are all thinking about New Year resolutions, a tradition where a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement.  They tend to last about 3 ½ minutes into January. Why is that?

Many times, people make resolutions that set themselves up to fail.  I have made resolutions to exercise more, but since I come from a long line of sedentary women, going to the gym three times a week is simply not going to happen.  Instead, I made the decision to attend a weekly yoga class.  It’s been a year and I feel fantastic.

Other times, people make resolutions without developing a plan to succeed.  I have made resolutions to quit worrying.  If it were that easy, I wouldn’t fret over my worrying problem.   I needed a roadmap.  For me, it involved connecting more deeply with God, learning to trust and rest in his sovereignty.

How about this one: I am going to practice random acts of kindness.  I believe that first we need to learn to kind to ourselves.  It is futile to think we can be kind to others if we are not kind to ourselves.  Remember the wisdom of your flight attendant.  If the air pressure changes, an oxygen mask will drop.  Put it on yourself first before attempting to help others.  Simply put, you cannot help others if you are dead!

A few simple changes and everything can change.